Time To Shine

A clump of chartreuse green mosses seeping out of the cracked bark of a fallen tree in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia

Our trip to France is off (for now) 😭

And since it looks like I will have plenty of free time now that mon voyage is postponed and literally everything is shutting down (possibly my store to) I am choosing to look at this- interesting- experience as an opportunity to get lots of arting done and strengthening mon Francais 💪👊🤓

“Inhospitable Form” a sculpture in progress I’ve finally gotten crackin on again.

Most of my fellow citizens I think will have a lot of difficulty dealing with this new reality of imposed isolation. For unsocial loners (like myself) this will be a time to shine 🌞

“Slug” another sculpture in progress that has been sitting around for years waiting to be finished- that now will be finished!

Being a true loner (not one of those pseudo-loners who go on shooting rampages because they desperately crave human affection/attention but are to weird and annoying to obtain it) I thrive in isolation. I can spend all day (in the safety and security of my comfy abode) working on art projects just as happy as a clam 😊

One of the first paintings I’ve begun in years.

Oddly enough I was planning on taking an art-cation in late March before we headed off to France for a month. Now it looks like I will have (at least) a months long plague-cation. Crazy times call for crazy fun (and productivity )!

“Verdant Form II” with its first coat of paint: A paper mache sculpture that is slowly approaching the finish line.


Stay safe- wash your hands a lot- avoid crowds (which is always sage advice) and remember to turn off the news periodically- (the plague isn’t going anywhere -‘cept to worseville)- and take deep breathes (unless someone is coughing in your vicinity) 🙂 😷

A very animated clump of moss sprouting from a dead fallen tree i spotted on a recent hike. A fitting image of potential springing up from death and decay.


    1. Merci! I am going 2 look those up. Yeah I will be doing a more extensive post on that peculiar piece soon- it’s actually built over a smaller version I though I finished a good 2 years ago- it sat on top of a shelf – and it never stopped bothering me! So I plastered over it and began anew over the old 🤗

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