Finished Paintings 3/7/18

After much layering a couple fuzzy, snowy winter landscape studies have developed-

“Snowbound Forest Study- 03/02/18″- Original painting by MJ Seal. Acrylic on board, 10″ x 8”. C. 2018

This first painting turned into a fairly realistic depiction of a forest under a blanket of wet snow. If you look closely you’ll notice it’s made up entirely of feathery splotches of paint.

In this second piece I wasn’t happy with the original image that was developing so after layering on some pale grays that created a nice muted ground to work off of I slathered on some transparent brown washes and mashed wax paper into the wet paint. As I rubbed away the lighter spots what looked like an aerial view of the local fields and mountains began to evolve.

“Snowy Landscape- 03/02/18″- Original paint by MJ Seal. Acrylic on canvas, 8″ x 8”. C. 2018

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