Paintings in progress 2/25/18

So with this batch of paintings I’ve been rediscovering the process of decalcomania. I haven’t used this painting method in years but I’ve had these loose ideas for landscape-like paintings that wouldn’t work with traditional direct applications of paint with a brush or pallet knife. Plus it’s nice to take your conscious hand out of the painting process.

A developing winter landscape.

For these pieces I take Heavy Body acrylics and dilute them Golden Open Medium so they become translucent and take on the consistency of thin oil paint. I then quickly slather and splash different colors onto a board or canvas and then press fabric and crumpled up wax paper into the paint and press it down. When the wax paper of fabric is peeled back you get these very complex “landscapes” that depending on how thick the paint is applied you can get marbled effects or delicate, tree-like dendrites.

An evolving forest-
A potential forest or canopy of branches.

This method really seems ideally suited for producing abstract Winter landscapes as you can achieve incredibly detailed “forests” with minimal effort.

Layer upon layer of translucent glazes are beginning to evolve into what looks like a snowy forest.
This painting is turning into perhaps an aerial view of some soft winter landscape with gently rolling hills.

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